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Iran sanctions

I had a very disturbing experience, today. A lady from The Netherlands tried to send some money to me, on behalf of a dear friend from Iran, who has been part of the Chris de Burgh community for many years, being payment for hosting his website. She also mentioned the word „Iran“ in the bank transfer reference.
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But then, the payment from The Netherlands to me was stopped by my bank, because of Iran sanctions imposed by who know whom. I think this is absolutely unacceptable. And I am ready to start a major argument with my bank, since this simply will not do.

If I am dissatisfied with someone in Iran, or anywhere else, for that matter, I may choose to stop doing business with them. My bank may decide to stop trading in Iran, on its own behalf.

However, I do not think that my bank has the right to decide on my behalf not to accept a payment from The Netherlands, simply because that payment is connected to the work of an artist in the country of Iran.

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