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Some of my friends are not fluent in German, so I promised to write an entry in English every now and then. However, this one should really be in Swedish.

ogooglebar means „not possible to find using the Google search engine“ and is a Swedish term consisting of the prefix „o“ meaning „not“ (pronounced just like the double-o in „Google“), the name of a common search engine and the suffix „bar“ describing the main term, meaning „possible to use“.

The idea was published on the BBC web site today. I like the sound of the word „ogooglebar“, or, as the BBC author more elegantly puts it, ogooglebar is much more mellifluous.

But much more importantly, I think the philosophy conveyed by this article is worth spending a moment contemplating. Something which cannot be found on Google doesn’t exist, right? Or perhaps, put more mildly, something which isn’t on Google must be something „special“ these days.

How many special things do you have in your life?

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