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Post Office box

The German Post Office (Deutsche Post), still 100 per cent owned by the German Government, just sent me a letter telling me that from March, this year, P.O. boxes will not be free of charge any longer.


I fail to understand why this change had to occur. For ages, P.O. boxes have always been free of charge, in this country. This seems only fair, since having a P.O. box means that I have to collect the mail myself, and putting letters into P.O. boxes should be much less work for the postman as opposed to delivering them individually. So the Post Office actually saves money by offering free P.O. boxes to everyone. At least that’s what I thought.

I wonder how this issue is being handled in other countries.

I guess I will have to pay the extra fee, this year, since this change was announced at very short notice, which I think is bad style. I don’t think I will continue to pay this fee, from 2018.

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