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German Grand Coalition Government


I am quite interested in your reaction to the announced „grand coalition“ this morning in Berlin. I suspect I know what it is, but would love to see your interpretation of this.
posted on 27/11/2013 in Santa Ana (Costa Rica)

While I would love to reply straight away, I am afraid I will have to ask you to allow some more time.

First of all, there are almost 200 pages of the Coalition Agreement which I will have to read. And also, the SPD’s rank and file will be asked to vote on whether they like this agreement – in fact, I applied to be a volunteer to help count those votes on December 14th, in Berlin.

If the members of the SPD vote „no“ to the agreement – as I suspect they will – it is not worth talking about Germany’s future coalition government yet. Since the „grand coalition“ agreement will have to be re-negotiated. Don’t expect to see a new German chancellor soon.

You surely know at what time of the year the disciples saw the „Risen Lord“. Well, I don’t expect to see a new German government to be formed any earlier than that, in 2014.

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